"Where on earth are you?

Your Route Singer says you took a 5 mile detour from the planned route.
I'm loving the amazing view you're getting from there though.
Have set an alarm for you to stop by at Bernies, 20 miles north.
Saw their waffles in the gallery here and it looks awesome.
Opps gotta go..my Route Singer says our boys are reaching home in a minute.
Dont forget to send me live feed of the waffles too.

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What's all this and How it works?

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Download Route Singer App on your Android or IOS phone, from Google Play Store or App Store. Sync your contacts and you are ready to go.

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Our webpage provides an alternative for you to access your Route Singer and to be able to plan trips, allocate routes, beam routes to friends, set up Geo fences on friends, and a lot more.

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So whats new in Route Singer?

More than a GPS tracker

Route Singer is more than just another GPS based tracker app. It is a trip planner, a navigator, a social interaction tool, a communicator, etc.

User will find the app useful to efficiently undertake a lot of domestic as well as official functions.

Works in conjucnction with Google maps and places, giving you access to a host of its features in the most user oriented manner.

Compliance with users privacy

Route Singer respects its users privacy and hence the option is always with the user to let others track their location cordinates or routes.

The users themselves make their live route maps available for their own selected users to view and interact with.

Additionally the users can set up time and date based access. This way the user can restrict their tracking according to time range settings allotted for individual users .

ERP, social media & 3rd party integration

Route Singer can be integrated with industry's leading ERP packages to transform it into a complete tool to efficiently manage resources.

Social media integration through Facebook and Twitter makes it an excellent social tool for users especially during their travels.

The app features an open framework which can be customized to accomodate other third party applications.



Beam Your Routes

You have an appointment to catch up on or if you are travelling to meet your dear ones, you will find it useful to send a beam of your real time routes to them for them to track you.
You can make a beam by either creating a generic link accessible by all or alternatively create a user specific beam accessible only by users you specify from your contacts.
In addition you can also set up time and date ranges when the beam shall remain valid for viewing for each individual user.
The persons who has pointed their beams to you shall be visible in your routes range as you close in on them.

Realtime Photo/Video Gallery.

You can view real time photo or video feeds of your contacts while they are on the go.
Every where you go, you can view pictures or videos of attractions around you posted by the others through Google Maps, places or through Route Singer itself. You can also access a route camera from the app itself and go on clicking pictures or videos, while you are on the go, which shall be shared with your contacts on your maps or their galleries.

Navigation and GPS tracking.

With its native features the tool doubles up as an On the Go Navigation tool.
The tool also shows originally planned routes against the real time routes, to guide the users.
The tool also acts as a straight forward GPS tracker allowing users to track vehicles on the move.

A great trip planner

Route Singer can be essentially termed as a great Trip Planner.
You can pre plan trips, route maps and it also gets published in your Facebook page.
Your contacts can interact with any points in the map and post any content.
You shall get notified of any interactions in your route map with a strong alarm, as you approach the pointed location, so that there is no chance of missing it.
The alarm functionality can also be used to alert users as they reach their destination, so that just in case they are asleep as they pass the point, the alarm can alert them.


Extended Solutions

  • Corporate applications

    Complete people management with ERP support.

    Route Singer as a tool is perfect for tracking your employees who are always on the move. However when combined with a complete Project Management ERP, it is transformed into a complete tool for your companys people as well as project management. Route Singer comes bundled up with a Project Management ERP for those corporates who are keen to increase their efficiency levels.
  • Tour Operators

    Scheduling, Cordinating & Tracking.

    For tour operators tool is bundled up with an ERP and offered as a complete tool to schedule, manage and cordinate tours. Using its native functionality the tool offers tracking as well as interaction with the group, for friends and family to be in touch with.
  • Fleet Management

    Solutions for operators as well as customers.

    Route Singer when backed up by our Fleet Management Solutions offer the operators with, unsurpassed efficiency in the operations. For the customers the tool also provides transparency, tracking and communication facility with the operators.